Let us tell you just how cool we are…we aren’t. We grew up together, and yes we still are best friends despite moving from coast to coast a couple times. Starting at a young age we both had an affinity for all things SHINY! As we got a bit older we started to realize just how lucky we are to live the lives we do surrounded by so much beauty – the people, the wine, the scenery, the clothes! We spend a lot of time celebrating this new found appreciation and wanted to share it with other people too! We live in Napa Valley so how better to celebrate than with amazing wine, great people and some sequins! We came up with the name sequinharvest for our blog because we thought it was the perfect culmination of all things US!


Kendall & Sam



8 thoughts on “About”

  1. I LOVE your blog. And now I know about shopbop.com.

    Great job.

    Nice to see you both ath Behren’s and have you involved with WEF.

    -Mary Maher

  2. Love your new blog girls! Can’t wait to see what you post.

  3. loads of love from canadaland

    and also kendall, because we have the same name xx

  4. Colleen Jaeger said:

    Great Job girls!! A beautiful site by two beautiful young ladies!!

  5. alexis from oakville said:

    girls, i so love your blog/ its’ spirit/ and all that delights you. it is charming + infectious — and makes me want all the things in each photo. don’t go ever changing.

    • Alexis that means so much coming from you! We love your blog and often look to it for inspiration. Thank you so much for your support. We would love to get together soon, maybe even do a little collaborating! All the best, Sam & Kendall

      • Alexis from Oakville said:

        Would love to do anything together, just let me know. Was inspired by your lemonade post to snap pics at Oakville Grocery. Love the farm stand + ice cream window! X

  6. Sam! I knew you when you were very small.. I lived in Aspen and assisted your family in health matters…..you are beautiful! A friend of mine sent me your blog…love seeing your picture and the beautiful picture of Susie! Made me want to see you all again.
    Best to you sweet Sam…

    Donna Todd

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